Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA Course                                                                 30 Credit Hours

Course Overview

The CCNA certification validates a networking professional’s ability to install and configure Cisco switches and routers in multiprotocol internetworks using LAN and WAN interfaces, provide level 1 troubleshooting service, and improve network performance and security

Course Outline




Part I: Networking Fundamentals

Chapter 1: Introduction to Computer Networking Concepts

Chapter 2: The TCP/IP and OSI Networking Models

Chapter 3: Fundamentals of LANs

Chapter 4: Fundamentals of WANs

Chapter 5: Fundamentals of IP Addressing and Routing

Chapter 6: Fundamentals of TCP/IP Transport, Applications, and Security


Part II: LAN Switching

Chapter 7: Ethernet LAN Switching Concepts

Chapter 8: Operating Cisco LAN Switches

Chapter 9: Ethernet Switch Configuration

Chapter 10: Ethernet Switch Troubleshooting

Chapter 11: Wireless LANs


Part III: IP Routing

Chapter 12: IP Addressing and Subnetting

Chapter 13: Operating Cisco Routers

Chapter 14: Routing Protocol Concepts and Configuration

Chapter 15: Troubleshooting IP Routing


Part IV: Wide-Area Networks

Chapter 16: WAN Concepts

Chapter 17: WAN Configuration


Part V: Final Preparation

Chapter 18: Final Preparation







Part I: LAN Switching

Chapter 1: Virtual LANs

Chapter 2: Spanning Tree Protocol

Chapter 3: Troubleshooting LAN Switching


Part II: IP Routing

Chapter 4: IP Routing: Static and Connected Routes

Chapter 5: VLSM and Route Summarization

Chapter 6: IP Access Control Lists

Chapter 7: Troubleshooting IP Routing


Part III: Routing Protocols Configuration and Troubleshooting

Chapter 8: Routing Protocol Theory

Chapter 9: OSPF

Chapter 10: EIGRP

Chapter 11: Troubleshooting Routing Protocols


Part IV: Wide-Area Networks

Chapter 12: Point-to-Point WANs

Chapter 13: Frame Relay Concepts

Chapter 14: Frame Relay Configuration and Troubleshooting

Chapter 15: Virtual Private Networks

Part V: Scaling the IP Address Space

Chapter 16: Network Address Translation

Chapter 17: IP Version 6

Part VI: Final Preparation

Chapter 18: Final Preparation

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