CompTIA Network+

                                           30 Credit Hour


In this program, you’ll learn the fundamentals you need to obtain a CompTIA™ Network+ certification and start a career as a network technician. You’ll master basic networking concepts and learn about network design, security, routing, and switching.


I.        Unit 1 
1.1. Network Models – OSI and TCP/IP
1.2.Physical Network Topologies
1.3.LAN Technologies
1.4. WAN Technologies
1.5. Cabling and Connectors
1.6. Ethernet Standards

II.        Unit 2
2.1.Network Devices
2.2. TCP/IP Concepts – IPv4, IPv6, Subnetting
2.3. DHCP

III.        Unit 3
3.1. TCP/IP Ports, Protocols and Services
3.2. Name Resolution
3.3. Routing

IV.        Unit 4
4.1. Remote Access
4.2. Remote Connection Technologies
4.3. Wireless Networking
4.4.Network Performance and Optimization
4.5. Network Security – Authentication, Firewalls, Network Scanners, IPSec, VPNs, Encryption
4.6. Network Management and Documentation

V.        Unit 5
5.1. Virtualization
5.2. Network Troubleshooting
5.3.SOHO Networking Concepts


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