About Us

Al-manara Training Center’s mission is twofold: to provide high quality, affordable Computer & English classes to international students in a supportive, friendly atmosphere where students come first, whether their goal is academic, professional or personal self improvement, and expose them to American culture. At the same time classes that accommodate their needs and prepare them to be part of the society where they live, work and educate their children. The curriculum at Al-manara Training Center designed to support this mission by providing students with the necessary language tools to help them achieve their goals. Al-manara Training Center is committed to excellence and service at the highest degree

Al-manara Training Center provides instructor-led, hands-on courses and certification programs for information technology professionals. We are the finest hi-tech Information Technology training center in all UAE. Our mission is to develop pool of skilled professionals in rapidly changing and growing technological local industry. Our services provide technical professionals and managers with skills and knowledge that significantly enhance their on-the-job productivity. We judge our success through our ability to provide the highest quality service as perceived by our customers, while achieving a steady growth in revenue and profit, and providing our personnel with the opportunity for individual development and achievement.


Information Technology is attaining a milestone where computing devices connected in a wired or wireless web will permeate our entire physical environment, toiling behind the scenes to monitor and manage our houses, factories, roads, vehicles even our bodies. But this lofty vision requires not only the telecom infrastructure but also set of powerful network based services that would link a company’s inventory systems with its accounting and customer databases making it accessible from anywhere, anytime by everyone.


It is said that there is only one constant in the dynamics of the corporate world – The change. The revolution in education, technology and civic services has changed the life style of even an ordinary human being. We are witnessing a knowledge based increase in every respect in our current generation. The root cause of this change is the flow of information. The visual media around, the communication set up, and the penetration of bits n bytes information in our lives is the limbo of the societal change.


At AL MANARA, we are providing technical education in an unconventional method. We believe in the “TRAINING DURING EDUCATION” model.

The salient features, however, that attract trainees to join Al Manara are:

Real Hands-On training experience

Vendor Certified Instructors

Careful Career Counseling

Strict quality policy managed by comprehensive evaluation system

Market driving courses offered on hottest technologies

Job placement for students

Conducive environs for training

Industrial internships arranged for students

Emphasis on communication skill

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