Executive Secretary

Executive Secretary & Office Administrative

Learning Outcomes: 

Identifying the key areas for development in this job role, increasing the contribution made to the company; laying the foundations; assessing your contribution.

Managing your boss successfully; making relationships work; developing your network; communication and the importance of feedback.

Increasing your contribution to the management team through basic group dynamics and team work.

Developing personal management skills; setting objectives; prioritizing tasks; understanding time management; delegating successfully; problem solving.

Organizing effective systems; travel; informal and formal meetings; minute taking.

Effective communication; learning how to be assertive and stay in control; the telephone; dealing with difficult people; developing a personal action plan. 

Course Contents: 

I. Secretarial Skills

*  The role of the Executive Secretary/PA 

*  Time management 

*  Assertiveness training

- How to say “no” without becoming intimidating or aggressive 

- Dealing with conflict 

- Negotiating solutions 

* Communication skills 

- Body language

- Positive thinking 

- Listening skills 

- Dealing with difficult people and difficult situations

* Working for more than one person 

* Technology in office

* Confidentiality 

* Telecommunications-Effective telephone behavior

* Processing the mail

* Diary management 

* Travel       

* Meeting and conventions

* Management of records

* Tips of the trade

II. Organization skills

* Organizational chart

* The office

* Physical environment

* Safety

* File security/filing systems

* Cleanliness

* Office furniture

* Purchases and payments

* Office supplies and equipment

* Company storeroom

* Inventory

* Repairs

* Machinery

* Banking

* Team work

* Time management

III. Business correspondence  

* The art of good letter writing 

* Clearly defining objectives 


* Being concise, accurate and grammatically correct 

* Correct use of sentences and paragraphs 

* Logical formats to include positive openings to effective endings 

* Dictation techniques 

* Writing reports and memos 

* Sales letters and proposals 

* Orders and acknowledgements

* Follow-up and revivers

* Invoices and credit settlements

* Different formats of quotations

* Letter of application

* Credit collection letters

* Complaint handling letters

* Responding to, and sending letters of complaint 

* Creating circulars 

* Common letters

* How to check, edit and proof read your own material

IV. Secretarial Accounts      

* Principles and practices of basic accounting

* Financial statements analysis

* Profit and loss

* Balance sheet

* Cash flow statement

* Banking

* Petty cash

* Maintaining excel sheet

V. Personality development      

* Assessing and understanding one own personality

* Understanding fellow workers and developing a good interpersonal relationship

* Dealing with difficult people and difficult situations 

* Confidentiality 

* How to project an image of self-confidence and professionalism

*Self development for the future 

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